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Bergamo Isolanti Spa has deep roots in the flourishing economy of Lombardy province. In 1974 the founder, who still presides over the company today, put years of family experience in the insulation materials sector to good use and founded the company, establishing its first office in Bergamo.

Back in the days when industrial and general insulation was still in its pioneering phase, the company immediately sought excellence, focusing on the distribution of insulation materials for plants and the industrial sector, without forgetting the emerging field of thermo-acoustic insulation for buildings.

The booming economy of the early 1980s led to the opening of the Milan office (1983) and the expansion of the business, which saw the opening of another office in Brescia (1996) shortly before becoming a joint-stock company in 1997.

Throughout those years, which were characterized by a strong evolution of the market and products in the sector, Bergamo Isolanti Spa stood out for its extensive supplies of insulating products for industry, plant engineering and construction.
The insulation products distributed and manufactured by our company are the result of decades of experience and in-depth specialization that has enabled us to become a leader in the sector. Each customer becomes a Bergamo Isolanti Spa partner and develops a direct relationship with our company, which provides assistance in design, and in selecting the most suitable solutions as well as providing ongoing consultancy.

The company's great results have been achieved through investment, innovation and the recruitment of trustworthy staff with a vast knowledge of materials and the sector. Evidence of this is provided by the more than 20,000 customers served, the result of certain know-how and a precise and creative service, which has enabled Bergamo Isolanti to go beyond Italy’s borders and make its way into Europe. Today, EU countries account for more than a third of the company's turnover, demonstrating the global propensity for products that are always current and central to a future of efficiency and sustainability.

Efficiency, safety and comfort, all centered around the customer's needs: our mission has become reality.

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